Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gastric Sleeve surgery, also known as gastric reduction , gastric sleeve resection, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and vertical gastroplasty, is a relatively new form of weight-loss surgery that has gained popularity in Mexico and United States in the recent years with many weight loss surgery patients finding success in the procedure as an alternative to laparoscopic gastric band surgery. Gastric Sleeve Surgery corresponds to the first step in the restrictive part for Duodenal Switch, which is a combined procedure so restrictive as Malabsorptive performed in super obese patients.
Gastric Sleeve started to perform in patients with high surgical risk to a duodenal switch could be carried full and they only performed the gastric or restrictive (gastric sleeve surgery, or gastric resection sleeve), without making the Mal absorptive or (duodenal switch). In the long-term observation of patients, we have seen that they lose all their weight without requiring the Malabsorptive Duodenal Switch, for that reason, the Gastric sleeve is considered the gold standard in bariatric surgery, because the patient remains free of long-term overweight as well as associated diseases, such as: diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etchome-slideshow-responsive2

Since only a few cases completed the bad absorptive part of the Duodenal Switch, those patients who had a plateau of their weight loss after 12 to 18 months performed the gastric sleeve.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico

Gastric sleeve is becoming extremely popular and it is not hard to figure out why that is the case. You have the potential of saving thousands of dollars in terms of the cost of the surgery, while still reaping the benefits of being operated by highly qualified and professional bariatric surgeons. A lot of people have preferred to have the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico in recent times and the number is set to increase in the coming months as well.

There is a whole plethora of qualified surgeons in Mexico, who have the necessary credentials to perform the gastric sleeve surgery. Tijuana is the most popular city in Mexico which has seen an influx of people who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery in recent times. The amazing low cost of the surgery in Mexico has swayed the minds of people, who can have the surgery done and save a lot of money as well.
The gastric sleeve surgery is an extremely popular weight loss surgery today, and is seen as the best remedy for people who are dealing with obesity or weight issues of any sort. The surgery is highly successful in facilitating weight loss and has minimal risks involved in it. There is also zero threat of any complications developing in the body due to the surgery, which is one of the primary reasons why this surgery is seen as a better alternative to other similar bariatric surgeries.
The gastric sleeve surgery, reduces the size of the stomach in a person’s body by cutting around 60% of their stomach, this in turn results in people consuming less food and get faster weight loss. Another reason why people are preferring to have gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is due to the location and the services offered to the people at minimal costs. Many Americans and Canadian citizens haven’t got the necessary health insurance coverage to undergo the surgery, which is why they prefer to have the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.
The incentives people get from undergoing the surgery range from quicker and easier weight loss to reducing the risk of any health related diseases in the future. The surgical procedure is irreversible, so if you undergo the surgery, do the necessary research and find out whether the surgery is to your benefit or not. The gastric sleeve surgery is considered by many people to be a much better and healthier alternative than any other weight loss surgery today, and undergoing the surgery in Mexico will allow you to save thousands of dollars as well.

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